Bachelor’s Flat Automation Engineering

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Specific Learning Targets

Graduates of the marking course of instruction inward Automation Engineering must:
  • know how to employ the methods of mathematics in addition to other basic sciences to translate in addition to clit Automation Engineering;
  • know the diverse methodologies of Engineering sciences inward full general in addition to those of Automation Engineering inward detail;
  • identify, formulate in addition to detect a solution to Energy Engineering problems yesteryear applying updated methodologies in addition to adequate techniques in addition to tools;
  • know how to apply techniques in addition to tools for the blueprint of components, systems in addition to processes;
  • know how to perform experiments in addition to analyses in addition to translate the data;
  • understand the ship upon of the applied scientific discipline solutions inward the social, physical-environmental context;
  • know their professional person in addition to ethic responsibility;
  • know the concern context in addition to civilization inward their financial, managerial in addition to organisational aspects;
  • know contemporary contexts;
  • have relational in addition to decisional skills;
  • fluently verbalise in addition to write 1 of the EU languages, inward add-on to Italian language;
  • have acquired the specific skills to update their ain knowledge.

Occupational in addition to Professional Outlets

Professionals with this task championship typically piece of work inward the fields of design, structure supervision, in addition to testing of private components or parts of machines in addition to lines for the production, transmission in addition to distribution of energy, straight instrumental measurements of the technical parameters of plants in addition to machinery. They tin destination piece of work equally a professional person consultant (junior industrial engineer), inward manufacturing or service industries, in addition to inward the world administration.
The principal occupational in addition to professional person areas inward which the Automation Engineering graduates tin destination detect work are:
  • electronic, electromechanical, spatial, chemic in addition to aeronautical businesses that scale in addition to implement complex architectures, automated systems, processes in addition to automation technologies that integrate reckoner components in addition to measurement, transmission in addition to activation devices;
  • the industrial automation in addition to robotics industries;
  • manufacturing businesses inward general, for the production, installation, testing, maintenance in addition to direction of machines, production lines in addition to departments, in addition to complex systems.

Background noesis requirement to access the marking course of instruction (Art. vi D.M. 509/99) (potential assessment)
To last admitted to the marking course of instruction inward Automation Engineering it is required:
  • a expert noesis of logics, mathematics, physics in addition to chemical scientific discipline provided yesteryear the learning programmes of upper secondary school;
  • the mightiness of explaining clearly in addition to accurately one’s idea inward written in addition to oral form;
  • aptitude to piece of work information technology technologies;
  • aptitude in addition to motivation to study Engineering.
With reference to the outset point, adequate tests to evidence basics noesis tin destination last administered to all students and, inward particular, to those who cause got an upper secondary schoolhouse curriculum with blind spots inward their grounding. If the assessment of the initial grounding does non succeed, students tin destination last admitted with an Educational Debt.
In social club to boundary educational debts, Course of Study Council tin destination anticipate the setting-up of preparatory learning activities to last performed earlier taking the test. Such activities tin destination last performed inward collaboration with upper secondary schools on the the world of special agreements.
Skills, aptitudes in addition to motivations are verified through the assessment of the previous schoolhouse curriculum or with possible in addition to appropriate tests.

Final examine peculiarities

To last admitted to the concluding examine students must positively travel yesteryear the assessment of their learning activity. The concluding examine tin destination consist of:
  • a thesis dissertation (in English linguistic communication or inward Italian) most 1 of the subjects studied during the marking course, written inward an master copy way, nether instructor supervision in addition to with the assistance of 1 or to a greater extent than tutors, 1 of whom at to the lowest degree beingness a fellow member of the marking course;
  • a written study of the laboratory project;
  • a study presentation concerning whatsoever sense gained during a menses of internship with world or private authorities, institutions, companies in addition to administrations, nether the tutelage of an internship supervisor in addition to of a instructor of the marking course.
The mightiness to synthesise in addition to the character of the presentation inward both written in addition to spoken shape volition last taken into account, inward add-on to the character of the work, to evaluate the concluding examine papers.
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