Cj College #1 For Online Graduate Education


#1 Online CJ Graduate Education

U.S. News & World Report ranked the College of Criminal Justice every bit the exceed inward the province for Online CJ masters’ programs.

Sam Houston State University offers the best online criminal jurist plan for graduate instruction inward the nation, according to the 2017 rankings released past times U.S. News & World Report (USNWR).

The College of Criminal Justice earned the #1 seat amid lx universities across the province offering online graduate programs inward criminal justice. The ranking is based on pupil engagement, faculty credentials, pupil services too technology, admissions selectivity, too peer reputation.

“I am real pleased alongside our USNWR rankings for our online programs,” said Phillip Lyons, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice too Director of the Criminal Justice Center. “Our mission is to improve the exercise of criminal jurist through research, teaching, too service. Our faculty, who were of late ranked #1 inward query productivity, tin laissez passer the axe accomplish further too growth our reach of influence through the online medium. I am thrilled that nosotros are doing it then well.”

Sam Houston State University offers 4 online masters’ programs inward criminal justice, which specialize inward practitioner pursuits inward criminal justice, victim studies, too safety studies. They include:

The College of Criminal Justice has consistently ranked amid the exceed criminal jurist programs inward the province for value too lineament past times U.S. News & World Report too other college ranking sites. In 2016, the College was recognized every bit the nearly productive inward query inward criminal jurist past times the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, a scholarly publication that monitor trends inward teaching inward the discipline.

“We are continuously striving to last the best inward the province inward online graduate education,” said Danielle Boisvert, Graduate Program Director for the Department of Criminal Justice too Criminology. “For us, that agency using the latest engineering too best practices inward online instruction coupled alongside highly qualified faculty to render an enriched educational sense to students who are going to brand a deviation inward the champaign of criminal justice.”

The U.S. News & World Report ranking took into describe of piece of occupation organisation human relationship many cardinal factors inward online instruction programs, including graduation rates, course of instruction size, retentivity rates, tenured faculty, technical staff, too back upwards services. It also measured admissions standards based on experience, credence rates too undergraduate score indicate average every bit good the reputation of the plan amid exceed college administrators too faculty inward criminal jurist too criminology.

“We strive to ensure that our academic programs too course of instruction content render students alongside a strategic-level agreement of legal, institutional, too policy-related aspects inward areas of criminal jurist too homeland security,” said Nadav Morag, Chair of the Department of Security Studies. “Our destination is to improve stimulate non-practitioner students for careers inside the champaign too to assist existing practitioner students railroad train their analytical too critical thinking skills then that they tin laissez passer the axe excel too advance inside their respective fields. At the same time, nosotros are committed to scholarship too our faculty render students alongside the produce goodness of a combination of scholarly focus too sense inward the practitioner footing of authorities agencies, the somebody sector, too policy-focused retrieve tanks.

In improver to its online offerings, the College offers face-to-face graduate programs inward Criminal Justice too Criminology too Criminal Justice Leadership too Management. It also features 1 of the oldest Ph.D. programs inward criminal justice, a Master of Science inward Forensic Science too the outset multi-disciplinary Ph.D. flat inward Forensic Science. The College boasts 1 of the largest faculty inward the province to run into the growing require for criminal jurist professionals across the globe.

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