Cmit’S Hurst Handed Keys Of Excellence



Division Director Sharese Hurst was awarded the Keys of Excellence from SHSU for her function alongside Orange Keys.

Sharese Hurst, a sectionalisation managing director for the Correctional Management Institute of Texas (CMIT), was presented the Keys of Excellence for her positive deport on on the lives of Orange Keys ambassadors at Sam Houston State University.

“I accept had the joy of working alongside many students too watched them grow into professional, successful adults,” said Hurst. “I am humbled too grateful for this award.”

The Keys of Excellence awards recognize faculty too staff at SHSU who accept assisted the official pupil ambassadors for the university. Hurst was nominated for the accolade past times Bailey-Anne Kaytar, a electrical current Orange Key too graduate assistant for CMIT.

“She goes out of her means to brand certain that everyone, including the other students inward our department, are listened to too valued,” said Kaytar. “Sharese is the outset to honor when someone goes the extra mile too she ever expresses her gratitude to them. She has shown me how to hold out a truthful leader too encouraged those closed to me. She has this means of making everyone experience included too business office of the family, which is too hence warm too homey. This in ane lawsuit to a greater extent than is non a business office of her chore description but merely a business office of whom she is equally a person.”

Hurst, an SHSU alumna, has worked for CMIT for 17 years. She has served equally the coordinator of the Texas Drug Offender Education Program, managed iii professional person associations, too currently hosts several conferences annually. Sharese is the Executive Director of the Texas Jail Association, a statewide grouping alongside to a greater extent than than 1,400 members, too has received the organization’s President too Service Awards. She was too recognized past times the Travis County Sheriff’s Office for supporting too recognizing women inward the champaign of criminal justice.

While at Sam Houston State University, Sharese has served equally a mentor through the Dean of Students’ Faculty-Staff/Student Mentor program. She regularly assists pupil workers assigned to CMIT, which has led to her receiving the Keys of Excellence Award.

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