Faculty/Staff Orbit Major Milestones At Shsu



The College of Criminal Justice is lucky to convey dedicated faculty too staff, many of whom convey been hither upward to xl years!

President Dana Hoyt honored faculty too staff from the Criminal Justice Center for their longevity of service to Sam Houston State University during the Annual Meeting.

Topping the listing were Distinguished Professor Larry Hoover amongst xl years of service too Project Manager Jamie Tillerson amongst 35 years. Together they grapple the Police Research Center, a dedicated grouping of researchers too technical experts who assist criminal judge agencies too emergency personnel amongst data management needs. Hoover likewise has been a faculty fellow member at the College of Criminal Justice since 1977 too helped guide the Major Cities Initiative too other programs at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT).

Serving SHSU for 25 years are Doris Powell, Graduate Advising Coordinator, too Cynthia Spencer of the University Hotel. Powell oversees students inward the master’s too Ph.D. programs at the College, too Spencer is the Pb custodian at the hotel.

Finally, Rita Watkins, Executive Director of LEMIT, was recognized for twenty years of service. Watkins has led the professional person evolution programme for law enforcement leaders inward Texas since 2001 too previously served every bit the projection coordinator for the institute’s premiere program, the Leadership Command College. Before joining LEMIT, Watkins worked inward the criminal judge plain every bit a juvenile probation officeholder too a constabulary officeholder for the College Station Police Department too the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, where she ended her tenure every bit Chief Deputy.

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