Home-Brewed Poppy Seed Tea Tin Travel Lethal, Written Report Finds

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A written report past times Madeleine Swortwood works life that home-brewed poppy seed tea tin comprise lethal doses of morphine.

A home-brewing technique used to extract morphine from unwashed poppy seeds tin create lethal doses of the drug, according to question at Sam Houston State University.

Madeleine Swortwood, an assistant professor inwards the Department of Forensic Science, began investigating the number afterward beingness contacted past times the manlike someone raise of a 21-year-old human being who died afterward ingesting home-brewed poppy seed tea. It is i of many deaths together with overdoses inwards morgues together with emergency rooms that accept been suspected from the home-brewed drug.

Swortwood together with her pupil tested 22 samples of mass poppy seeds purchased legally on the cyberspace using iv home-brewing methods works life on drug users’ forums. The written report traced 3 principal components of the drug – including morphine, codeine, together with thebaine — together with works life these techniques could create lethal levels of morphine based on moderate use. While thebaine is non an addictive component, it was included inwards testing because it is valuable inwards identifying the poppy seeds every bit the beginning of morphine inwards fellowship to dominion out heroin use. The results were published inwards The Journal of Forensic Science.

“Although or together with then mass poppy seeds tin live on to a greater extent than lethal than others due to the variation inwards morphine concentrations both betwixt vendors together with betwixt harvest dates, it should live on noted that regardless of sample, it is possible to obtain lethal doses of morphine from poppy seed tea if moderate volumes of tea are consumed,” Swortwood said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control together with Prevention, opioid abuse is a serious world wellness issue, amongst drug overdoses identified every bit the leading campaign of injury expiry inwards the United States. The number of opioid overdose deaths has quadrupled since 1999 together with vi out of every x overdose deaths bespeak an opioid. Ninety-one Americans popular off every solar daytime from an opioid overdose.

Although opioid poppy together with poppy straws are listed every bit controlled substances inwards the United States, poppy seeds are non prohibited. Processed poppy seeds are by together with large used inwards baking, such every bit inwards a poppy seed bun, which poses no threat to consumers. However, the high concentration of morphine contained inwards unwashed poppy seed together with extracted through home-brew methods may lay a danger of overdose or death.

“This written report volition convey noesis to constabulary enforcement together with the federal community,” said Swortwood. “Unwashed poppy seeds are easily accessible. This is a novel illicit means of obtaining high levels of morphine.”
“Morphine, Codeine, together with Thebaine inwards Home-Brewed Poppy Seed Tea past times LC-MS/MS” is available from the Journal of Forensic Science.

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