Security Studies Offers Report Abroad Plan To Poland


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The Department of Security Studies volition host its showtime Study Abroad Program inward Poland this summer.

The Department of Security Studies volition offering its showtime Study Abroad programme inward Poland to explore province internal security, state-sponsored terror, as well as peacetime as well as wartime insurgency. The course of report is approved to count equally a 3 hr abide by contract.

“I intend Poland provides first-class contexts for homeland safety studies from province terror, to counterinsurgency as well as liberation movements, to population migration, to edge security, to crisis management as well as critical infrastructure protection,” said Assistant Professor Magdalena Denham of the Department of Security Studies, who volition atomic number 82 the program.

Comparative Homeland Security: Poland (SCST 4377/CRIJ 4377) volition let on undergraduate students to comparative issues inward homeland safety through an immersion inward the social, political, organizational as well as cultural contexts of the country. The trip is scheduled for May 22-June 5, simply at that spot are 2 mandatory classes at Sam Houston State University on May 11th as well as 18th. The toll of the trip is $2,200, which includes lodging, all meals, shipping inward the province of destination, as well as activities such equally museum visits, castles, or national parks. The fee does non include tuition or airfare to Poland.

Like the United States, Poland is a edge province located inside the Schengen Zone, where 26 European counties induce got abolished borders betwixt their nations; the European edge safety way called Frontex has its headquarters inward Warsaw. Moreover, Poland besides sits on the longest stretch of the defensive edge from the due east as well as amongst countries similar Russia. Students volition move acquainted as well as view edge safety inward the Schengen Zone as well as sense firsthand challenges related to displacement or migrations.

Moreover, students volition witness the legacy of the state-sponsored terror past times visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the German linguistic communication Nazi concentration camps where to a greater extent than than 1.1 i M 1000 men, women as well as children lost their lives during World War II. Program participants volition examine counterinsurgency inward state of war as well as peace at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which is dedicated to residents who fought as well as died for an independent Poland as well as costless working capital missive of the alphabet inward 1944, as well as the Gdansk Museum of the Solidarity Movement, commemorating the 1980 shipyard blast that helped wrangle Poland from communist control.

Finally, the grouping volition run across how Poland addresses civil safety as well as crisis management amongst a view to the Crisis Management Center inward Warsaw as well as the National Police Academy. Students volition live engaged amongst students from the University of Warsaw as well as volition participate inward invitee lectures. Sam Houston State University late signed a memorandum of agreement amongst the University of Warsaw to supply shared conferences equally good equally time to come faculty as well as pupil exchanges.

Applications are beingness accepted now; the trip volition live express to xv students. An orientation for accepted students volition hand inward the Spring. For to a greater extent than data near this Study Abroad opportunity, contact Denham at (936) 294-4748 or at


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